Vanessa TINKER

İş ingilizcesi ve İletişim Uzmanı

Dr. Vanessa Tinker has over ten years of teaching and research experience in the UK, USA and Turkey. In 2013 she received her PhD in International Conflict Analysis at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. She obtained her MA from San Diego State University, San Diego, California in 2006 and BA from Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland in 2001. Her PhD research focused on peace education programs in post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she conducted field work. Her present research interest and area of expertise include the use of peace education-related programs by international actors as a tool of peace-building and post-conflict reconstruction in ethno/religiously-linked post-conflict environments and the role of women in peace processes. Since 2015 Dr. Vanessa Tinker became a lecturer for the Department of International Relations and for the MA Program in Peace and Conflict Studies at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. Previously she taught at Selcuk University in Konya, Turkey (2014-2015) and Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California (2014). She has taught a range of undergraduate and graduate courses on topics relating to Peace and Conflict studies and International Relations in the USA, UK and Turkey including: Introduction to Strategic Studies, Political Science, Political Thought, International Relations, American Government, Peace Education, and Women in Peace Building. After receiving her CELTA certification in 2007 from Italian.IT in Milan, Italy, she taught English as a Second Language at a number of private institutions in Switzerland, USA, UK, and Turkey.